Friday 24 May 2013

TiAMT - Elijah Blake ft. Common: X.O.X.

Woiii this is such a tune, if someone played it I’d TUN’ UP (if I knew what TUN UP meant, I only recently started saying “WHEEL IT”).

Kicking off TiAMT (Tune is A MAUD TING) is Elijah Blake and Common (also the artist of a recent throwback in case you missed it) with X.O.X., featuring ambrosia vocals by the former and a potent verse from the latter. The song samples Back Stabber by The Ojays to create a head-boppingly melodic melody which contains just enough of that RnB pain to make a great love song to. While the subject matter may invoke a “well, that’s awkward” or two, the song still ends up being a MAUD TING subject to many “WHEEL IT”s, and you gotta love the guy’s dance moves, no homo.

Certified TiAMT.

Elijah Blake ft. Common
Bijoux 22

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