Thursday 23 May 2013

#ThrowbackThursday - Ghost Town DJs: My Boo

My God I love this song. Like, mate. When I'm in my car and I put this on, you'd be totally forgiven for staring at me just GOING IN. Though I'd probably think you're staring because I can't drive, don't have a car, and would be attempting to escape from the police. My Boo, released in 1996 was an amazing song filled with shining choruses and focused vocals, partnered with an oh so 80's electronic RnB bass instrumental, which is so easy to dance to it’s scary. Those of you who don’t exactly know the tune but are listening thinking "I know I've heard this before" may be right, as Ciara recently made an interpolation of the song in the form of Body Party, directly borrowing the melody and line “boy you should know that”.

While there is an official video, the only one I could find looks like it was recorded with a cheese grater, hence the song only version below. You can still watch it here though. Anyway enjoy this week's #ThrowbackThursday selection, My Boo, by the Ghost Town DJs.

My Boo
Ghost Town DJs
So So Def Bass All-Stars

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