Rawfunnytrue. WTF is that exactly?
Since the dawn of time, man (and woman, I'm not genderist) has sought the ultima: to be more than himself. And in that...
blah blah...
It's basically a review site and YouTube channel where I attempt to be funny while giving my honest opinion on things such as music and films.
I don't have any particular artistic training, nor could I engage in a 8 hour debate on the intricacies of West Coast Urban rap as opposed to North-West Coast suburban rap, so I like to think my opinion is that of a normal person - to put it simple it's bullshit free.

Who the hell are you?
They call me Mr.Reesh. I'm English and I don't particularly enjoy tea. I much prefer coffee - it's SO MUCH MORE USEFUL.

Would you rather look like a zombie and smell like a human, or look like a human and smell like a zombie?
Smell like a zombie. Because of the way Londoners are I'm pretty sure I could get through the rest of my life smelling like a zombie with no one at all saying a word to me.

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