Tuesday 12 November 2013

RFT's First Birthday

So I've been having some significant issues with my internet these past few weeks of all weeks, which is extremely annoying as a couple of weeks back was the week that this website, RAWFUNNYTRUE (which some of my friends still refer to as “ RAWFUNNYbutTRUE”, "FUNNYTRUEBUTT" or even "YOUSTILLDOTHATSHIT" you know who you are) has turned the tender age of one year old.

I just wanted to make a quick post to thank all you readers who started reading from the site's launch on the 30th of October last year with my ugly website design and unreasonably long reviews, to now where the site is (if I say so myself) rather sexalicious. I'd also like to thank all those who contributed, whether it was writing, giving me some feedback or simply retweeting an RFT tweet, it's all appreciated more than you know and even though RFT isn't taking on NME or Rolling Stone as one of the Top 10 music review sites as I hoped, it'd pretty much just be an idea in the back of my mind without y'all.

Moving forward one focus I'll have is getting more “staffing” or guest bloggers on board, just as being a guy working full time, designing part time, scriptwriting other parts of the time, and being a Pokemon master on the sly means that stuff comes out late, which isn't cool. So if you or someone else is interested in contributing, feel free to send a quick email to contact@rawfunnytrue.com or tweet me (@MrReesh). Other than that, I've got a few new ideas for stuff, such as a new Monday segment which will start this Monday as well as gig reviews and features just to keep things fresh. In addition, the next #MixtapeMonday may be done through the wonderful medium of full colour motion video, so stay tuned.

Again thank you guys for your continued support, and if this is the first time you've been on the site and you're reading this, I'm thankful but confused, as you should be reading great reviews such as this, THIS or even THIS.

Much love.

- MrReesh

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