Monday 1 April 2013

#MixtapeMonday - Tuxedo: Tuxedo EP

Lyrics & Delivery: 3.0/5.0
Production: 4.7/5.0
Overall Score: 4.0/5.0

Review by MrReesh - I would give you sugar if you moved in next door to me - Twitter: @MrReesh

You gotta love funk, you just gotta. And no not that funk that’s in your shoes after a hard day, it’s that funk that’s in your soul after a hard beat! And you know who else loves funk? Daft Punk. But you know who else loves funk? Tuxedo, the mystery singer and producer duo behind the recent superfunky EP, Tuxedo.

Now if you're looking for a well written storyteller piece with witty wordplay and spine tingling metaphors then please follow this link because you won’t find it in Tuxedo. Instead the EP is a quick, light hearted number with the primary purpose of making enjoyable, fun music you can sing along to – and in that mission it succeeds greatly.

Many lyrics are like Fundies: likeable, but don't
think about them too much
Do it, an infectious melody with chunky bass synths and a simply electrifying rhythm kicks things off, setting a high standard for the relatively short EP which it definitely manages to maintain. The track is essentially meaningless when it comes to content however, and I feel it’s best to simply enjoy the feeling of the song, rather than get bogged down in philosophical questions such as “Do what?” “Put what thing in motion?”, because after all isn’t that what music’s for? Getting things in motion?

Next up is So Good which ironically, is so good. Its sharp slow metallic synths hit in just the right places at the same time, and like Do It has an infectious rhythm that will ravage your body into all kinds of cheesy dance moves, though unlike Do It it has a slightly classier vibe to it, as though it were the kind of thing yacht owners in the 80s would play to other yacht owners in a yacht owners reunion. It also is the track that sounds most like a Grand Theft Auto: Vice City song, if you’re interested.

Tuxedo then switch things up and make it all grown and sexy for the final song, Get U Home. This rhodes piano driven, bass guitar riddled, soul infused, brass stabzy track (yes I just used stabzy as a word this is my blog okay) is a real standout, and meanly teases an element of versatility Tuxedo never expand on. This is also the only song with some (though not much) tangible content, and is just as enjoyable to sing along to as the rest of the songs, though in an obviously different way.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard an EP so fun. It’s so FUN. Like it doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet it takes itself seriously enough to make serious music seriously, and that is cool. Sure it’s a little short, too short and rather hollow beneath the lyrics, which essentially are just apt words to fill the space on the track, but it’s definitely enjoyable, and as memorable as it is enjoyable.

And if you like me were unable to figure out who the hell the two artists in Tuxedo were at first, feel free to DM me via Twitter and I’ll let you know, though regarding the singer it’s I’ve found it’s only really difficult if you’ve never heard the artist before.

My Top 3:
1) Do It
2) Get U Home
3) So Good

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