Wednesday 9 October 2013

TiAMT - Favored Nations: The Set Up

Being a human with a still relevant games console I have of course put in the hours in GTA V, and am now on the way to 100%-ing it. So you gotta believe me when I say that this tune right here yeah, The Setup, otherwise known GTA V ending credits song is a MAAAUD TING. The song, specially commissioned by Rockstar for GTA V features a very simple drumline and lyrical content, but the way the lyrics fuse with the beat and the bass guitar, alongside some simply spectacular synths is just... it's amazeballs. Listen below:

Minor Spoiler alert: this song only plays at the end of GTA V, and on radio stations after the final mission. There are no story/plot details in it, but just in case you're hurt by that kind of thing, here's your warning.

The Set Up
Favored Nations
The Music of Grand Theft Auto V

Post by MrReesh - Yes it did hurt me to spell "Favored" without the U - @MrReesh

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