Thursday 31 October 2013

#ThrowbackThursday - Chipmunk: Who Are You?

So without choosing Thriller, probably the most obvious Halloween throwback this is the best I could come up with – don't give me that face. It's got a sample from Scream (the one that was good at the time), it's produced by a guy named “Skeamz” which you can choose to read as “Skreamz” and it's scares you how much Chipmunk has changed since the League of My Own mixtape was released – AND THE PICTURE LOOKS LIKE A GHOST! Points for trying please, thank you, thank you.

Released in close but not so close year of 2007, Who Are You? went on to be one of Chip(munk)'s most erm, hauntingly memorable songs, with a rhythm so infectious it's... terrifying. The mixtape and the song was such a spine-chilling success that it went on to be re-released for purchase in ghostly shops of the time such as Woolworths and the horrifying spectre that was ZAVVI. And now, on this horrible Halloween Thursday (though it may be Friday morning, given my internet is currently on drugs) it returns from the dead to be this week's throwback. Enjoy... IN A SPOOKY WAY!


But seriously, enjoy guys :)

Who Are You?
League of My Own

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