Thursday 13 June 2013

#ThrowbackThursday - Fabolous ft. Tamia: Into You

This is one of those songs I used to half sing like "I, really like, blah blaah, yadadi, da doo really explain it" and be content enough to know that I LOVED this song. Just listen/look at it with it's classic slow-fubu-fabo fantastic sound and Tamia's silky and alluring voice. And no my love for it certainly has nothing to do with KD Aubert's Erm, "bikini exhibition" in the video, I'm not that shallow.

Dropping into the universe in good old 2003 Into You, by Fabolous and Tamia (there's an Ashanti version too), which samples Tamia's So Into You, which in turn samples The Commodores' Say Yeah. To me this song is so throwbackulous you could use it to scratch the back of your house by playing it to your front door, and that's pretty much best line I have right now.

Anyway sit back and relax to this week's #ThrowbackThursday selection, Into You by Fabolous featuring Tamia... or Ashanti on the album version.

Into You
Fabolous ft. Tamia (Ashanti in album version)
Street Dreams

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