Wednesday 12 June 2013

TiAMT - Jelisa Shanel: Leave

See me? I hate covers. Hate them. I can remember hearing several covers of Usher’s Climax (a song that reaffirmed my belief in Usher until Scream, which is about as screamworthy as well, Scream) which made me feel as though I had wronged someone horribly somehow, and that this was sick, sick retribution. However when I heard London songstress Jelisa Shanel’s cover of Climax, and then her amazeballs semi-cover/remix/remixabob of Anthony Hamilton’s Charlene called Leave, let’s just say I had a totally different Usher song in mind.

Leave, which details the struggle of a woman in a once great yet failing relationship, is an emotional heartfelt melody inextricably intertwined with enough pain to make you go “mmph, I feel you girl, I feel you.*clicks*” On top of that her voice here is so beautiful if you put it in a jar and spread it on toast, rainbows and unicorns would appear and find love against a swirling sunset on it. Anyway enjoy the tune, and don’t forget to check out the rest of her stuff via her Soundcloud you great blog readers you.

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