Thursday 2 May 2013

#ThrowbackThursday - Ray J: Everything You Want

Back when Ray J held the AWWW inducing moniker of “Brandy’s little brother” instead of “that dxckhead that made the KimYĆ© diss” he was capable of making some good, non-offensive music! Imagine. And while I could have used “One Wish” a) you were probably expecting that (fine, you can watch it here if you like) and b) when I listened to it, it sounded good, but not as good as I remembered.

So anyway way back in 1997 Ray J, still on his debut album dropped Everything You Want, his second single. It was a flyaway success – in New Zealand – reaching #33 in their charts, though sadly only #83 in the US, and here in the UK? Well. But the song is great with its clear nineties soul-funk vibe, and melodies so fun to sing along to you’d think it was Christmas morning and I bought you some kind of audio lego set, still with that fresh plasticy lego smell... ahh.

Anyway sit back and attempt to keep your jaw closed as you see what Ray J used to look like as you experience this week’s #ThrowbackThursday selection, Ray J’s Everything You Want.

And yes by “dxckhead” I meant “duckhead”, what did you think I meant?

Everything You Want
Ray J
Everything You Want

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