Thursday 2 May 2013

RFT News: Great Gatsby Soundtrack now streamable - the "Great" is justified

Those of you who may have heard Lana Del Rey and Florence + The Machine’s contributions would have known that this soundtrack was going to be good, despite Andre 3000 and Beyonce’s erm, oopsie.

Today the entire thing has been made available to stream via the link below, and if you already knew that talent such as Gotye, Q-Tip, Emeli Sande, Bryan Ferry & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra, The xx, Nero and Jay-Z were featuring on it, trust me this time it’s likely to be as good as you’d think.

The entire thing has this maaaad cool sound to it, as though it sounds almost criminal yet beautiful, kind of like Kerry Washington with a machete. Choice cuts include The xx’s AMAZEBALLS Together, Emeli Sande’s cover of Beyonce’s Crazy In Love, 100$ Bill by Jay-Z, Gotye’s Heart’s A Mess and Nero’s Into The Past, but generally the quality of the whole thing is solid (apart from aforementioned oopsie, but it does sound a little better without the EAST VILLAGE RADIO EAST VILLAGE RADIO).

Anyway, check it via the link below, you have to add each song to the website’s playlist individually, but it’s worth it for the convenience later. Also stay tuned for the RFT review of the whole thing here sometime after its May 7th release date.

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