Thursday 10 January 2013

#ThrowbackThursday - Justin Timberlake: Like I Love You

ADMIT IT – when Justin sings “I just wanna love you baby” you try to reach that note. I sure do. I sure TRY. I had originally planned a different tune for #ThrowbackThursday this week but when I was hit with the news that after an almost seven year hiatus JT is to release a new album soon, with a new track possibly coming in 3 days. Now as Futuresex/Lovesounds has to be one of my top 10 albums ever, a JT throwback just had to be done. Like I Love You, the Neptunes produced first solo single by JT ever dropped in the summer of 2002, and subsequently made me lose about a stone in trying to do Justin Timberlake dance moves around the house, tragically near my mum's fragile china. What makes me laugh though is the cover art for the song – it looks sooooo damn awkward. That hat! That pose! And just where the hell is that wind coming from? Mysteries. Anyway I shall leave y’all with today’s #TBT selection, Like I Love You, by the only Justin that matters: Timberlake.

Like I Love You
Justin Timberlake (ft. Clipse)

Also here is the cryptic “I’m Ready” (Spongebob anyone?) video JT’s put out which makes it pretty clear an album is on the cards even if it doesn’t explicitly say it:

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