Sunday 13 January 2013

RFT News: This Week In Music

Report by MrReesh - Get at me on Twitter - @MrReesh

Well it's been a freakin' amazing week for music this week. I mean damn. 

Justin Timberlake not only announced that he's making a return to music after 7472919174 years and that we can expect a new track on Sunday - but no that's not even all. He's also making a new album, completely produced by Timbaland – oh my God. Futuresex/Lovesounds has a concrete undefined place in my top 10 albums of all time, so you can imagine how that news had me bouncing off the walls like a MrReesh who just found out Justin Timberlake is making a new album. I do hope that there are a couple other tracks by other producers, as the Rick Rubin produced Another Song is yet another amazetastic song and one of JT’s best. 

On top of that, Destiny's Child have actually, as in actually, like IN REALITY, reunited. And not only that, but they have dropped a new track by the name of Nuclear, which is decent though not amazing. Personally I think they made a song called Nuclear due to the type of musical atomic bomb a new DC song will do to the world, especially given the ridiculous profile Beyonce and Kelly GROWland (if you know what I mean) have now. Oh and I'm sure Mischelle knows some people too, so that would have some impact. 

And if that wasn't enough, David Bowie broke his long period of silence with a new song, four previously unheard Prince songs were "leaked" on YouTube, and Eminem has apparently become a born again Christian. Mate, there was just something in the water this week mate. Something in the water mate.  

Now all music has to do is deliver on the phenomenally high amount of hype it's created this week with some top notch albums this year. I'm especially interested to see how JT's sound is gonna, for lack of a better word, sound, as it has been A WHILE since he even made a single, whereas two thirds of Destiny's Child have put out albums in the last three years, with Michelle releasing one in 2008. I personally didn’t like David Bowie’s return to music song Where Are We Now, though I don’t feel as though I’m well schooled enough on that particular style of music to make a judgement. However judging by how people who do love that kind of music’s minds have blown the f*** up, the pressure is on. Apparently the new “born again” status of Eminem is to do with his daughter growing up and him needing to make a change too, but the question is how will his music be affected? I can’t see Eminem releasing a new album of acoustic gospel music, but I just hope he maintains his currently high quality performance level. And Prince? Well Prince doesn't really like the internet, so I have a feeling that this leak will piss him off, and now the songs have all been taken down from YouTube “following a claim from Controversy Music” anyway. In any case the names of the songs were Same Page Different Book, RNR Remix, Bambi and LayDown Xtended which though not a new song entirely was an extension of a bonus track on an earlier album. 

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