Thursday 3 January 2013

RFT Quick Ting Update With Mr Reesh

Well, that was a long ass break. Due to a very busy month as well as slowness in adjusting to the time restraints of working a lame full time job plus applications for internships, I have been unable to update for a while. For this my loyal readers, yes all eight of you, I apologise profusely.
However RAWFUNNYTRUE is now BACK! And with a minor redesign we’ll be getting back into our regularly scheduled programming with a triple feature (TBT, MixtapeMonday and an album review), plus some new stuff I’ve got on the cards coming soon.

Anyway guys I drew you a cookie with my BARE HANDS (and a graphic tablet) as a peace offering, and even drew you a gluten free one in case you be all hating gluten and ting.

To the future we go.


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