Thursday 3 January 2013

#ThrowbackThursday - Kelis ft. Andre 3000: Millionaire

I love this song. Like I heart this song. Even more than that, I left ventricle it, perhaps even aorta. It's one of those dreamy songs that's simple, yet full of meaning that's really hard to find in modern music these days. Back in 2004, Kelis and World's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity Andre 2004 3000 jumped on this electro-RnB beat (also produced by Mr 3000) to create this amazeballs headbopper, which will never, ever ever ever be deleted from my iPod. But seriously, enough jibber jabber about how Kelis is currently writing a cookbook and how Andre 3000 recently starred in a Gilette ProGlide advert – hit play and enjoy this week's throwback, Millionaire.

Kelis ft. Andre 3000

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