Thursday 18 July 2013

#ThrowbackThursday - Kristine Blond: Love Shy

There's something especially genuine about garage songs, especially the love ones. Sure the lyrics aren't always particularly inspiring or creative, but the feeling a good voice + a good bit of snare drums can produce is just so beautiful I want to take a picture of it and take it out on a first date that would not be at Nando's, because apparently once you get to a certain age that's not cool anymore.
Love Shy, the nothing short of classic single by Kristine Blond dropped in 1997 and probably did well I guess but as I can't find much information on the original (it was covered by bassline group Platnum in 2008, which was decent) I'm just going to make up some facts based on how much I love the song. It reached number 5 on the Intergalactic Soundwave Charts across the galaxy, and was also sampled by 2Chainz in his 1957 debut single “Chainz In Mah Cocainez”. It was also the first song to feature a music video filmed with a working camera, the pioneering method then being emulated by other music video directors as well as Hollywood then on. This video was destroyed by an actually love-shy person who did not take kindly to a intergalactic chart topping single being made about his pain.

And most importantly it's this week's #ThrowbackThursday selection, so sit back and enjoy Love Shy, by Kristine Blond.

Love Shy
Kristine Blond
Probably On Some Body Of Music

Post by MrReesh - Love is the most profitable emotion - @MrReesh

Photo Credits: Garage image "Garage" by Ben Babcock

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