Tuesday 30 April 2013

RFT News: New J Cole "Cole Summer" - Truly Yours 2?

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HUZZAH! Last night J Cole dropped a new single by the name of Cole Summer (gotta love a good Cole pun) sampling Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo's Nothing Even Matters, which you can listen to below. It's a nice chilled song with a focus on Cole's conversational and lyrical style, leaving you hungry for some more Cole cuts in the run up to Born Sinner.

And as if he knew I was going to type that, what does Cole go and tweet?

In one word - OMGOMGOMGOMGYAAAY! In case you missed it, Truly Yours 1 was pretty freaking good, and we all know how good a sequel can be. Though then again as we all know how good a sequel can be, stay tuned to RFT to find out the verdict when it does indeed (if it does indeed) come out.

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