Monday 4 February 2013

RFT News: This Week In Music (04/02/13)

RUMOURS of New Yeezy - New JT - Rick Ross Shot At - Chris Brown/Frank Ocean Beef - New Daft Punk - Joey Bada$$/Lil B Beef

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So probably one of the biggest stories this week – and it’s been a bit of a mad week let me tell you –are the rumours that Kanye West is to release a new album soon called Rich Black American, and that album shall include features such as Pusha T, Florence Welch, Frank Ocean and of course, of course, Skrillex. However as this is based on an image posted on one of Kanye’s major fan sites, not anything direct from Kanye himself, it may be just a rumour or even a hoax like the Black American Psycho thing. Personally I’m hoping the rumors are false as RBA sounds like an album of that “Louis Vuitton, ni**a I got model on top of a model” rap we’ve been getting a lot these days, which is so far from exciting if you asked a GPS to guide you to exciting it would likely roll over and be like “nah blad, that’s long”.

Justin Timberlake also previewed two brand new songs from his upcoming album the 20/20 Experience during a live performance, the first being  Pusher Love Girl and the other That Girl, whose instrumental has the delicate aroma of a Timbaland production. Both songs are promising and indicative of the classy romantic feel the new album (apparently dropping in March) shall have. Oh and it was also revealed that David Fincher, the guy who directed Fight Club and The Social Network will be directing the video for Suit & Tie, so needless to say I’m expecting something no less ridiculously epic.

Little Pusher Girl

That Girl

And in case you didn’t know, someone recently shot at Rick Ross. Yeah. Last Monday (28th) while Ross was returning to his car with his girlfriend after celebrating his 37th birthday, several shots were fired towards him forcing him and his girlfriend to seek cover in a nearby building. Since the incident Ross has chosen to increase his security detail, and after a four day absence has returned to regular business on Twitter. While there’s no word on who performed/ordered the shooting notorious rap bully 50 Cent claimed that the shooting was staged, while real life LA drug kingpin Ricky Ross claims that incidents such as this are risks you run when you don’t understand street rules and still seek to tell stories about it. In any case it’s clear it was a crap birthday present.

Speaking of beef (horse free), there have been some issues between Frank Ocean and Chris Brown lately with a fight occurring between the two camps last week. Following the incident Mr Ocean later tweeted “got jumped by Chris Brown and a couple guys, lol” following that with “cut my finger now I can’t play with two hands at the Grammys”. While the mystery finger in question isn’t known it is hoped that Frank will make a full recovery by the awards show, happening Sunday night. In a more serious note though, he also took to his blog to post this, apparently quashing the beef until further notice:

And that’s about it for this week, other than the fact that Daft Punk has apparently signed a deal with Sony to produce a new album in 2013, and a form of beef erupted between Joey Bada$$ and Lil B over the week, which resulted in a surprisingly lacklustre response from Joey, him going on a Twitter rant, deleting his Twitter, then coming back. Well okay then. However like I mentioned above - THE GRAMMYS ARE COMING THIS SUNDAY! Should be a great night, though I must admit to you guys if 2Chainz wins best rap album, against Drake’s Take Care, Nas’s Life Is Good and Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor II, there goes all respect I have for the Grammys.

Until next Monday guys. And by the way, my headphones have died and I haven’t had much time to go buy some new ones, so excuse my somewhat late posting of the #MixtapeMonday review this week. Here’s a playlist of the best songs RFT has had the pleasure of reviewing so far until then.

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