Thursday 17 January 2013

#ThrowbackThursday - T-Pain: I'm Sprung

Quick piece of trivia guys - back in the day, before T-Pain got an endorsement deal from Oakley, he had eyes. No seriously he did. I swear. Look at the video - he even has two of them. Yes back in year goes here the newbie two eyed wonder kid T-Pain hit us with I'm Sprung, a song about loving a girl so much you'll voluntarily do the dishes for her, which me and the Movado mandem must personally respond to with "YA MUST BEDREAMING". Now aside from the fact that the video is set in the STEREOTYPICAL MUSIC VIDEO HOOD, there are several things I don’t get about this video:

1. What the hell instrument/device is this:

2. Why did the video girl think it’s cool to sit on the sofa barefoot but not cool to eat grapes on the sofa barefoot:

3. Why is this guy trying to clean his ice block outside in the sunlight:

4. Aren’t these girls worried they're gonna catch a cold, and why is she washing a plate:

5. Whagwan for that vein on Akon’s forehead:

Anyways with those mysteries now in your head please enjoy this week’s throwback song, I’m Sprung by T-Pain.

I'm Sprung
Rappa Ternt Sanga <--- Worst spelling ever

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  1. Haha, the instrument is a thumb piano, as for the other questions, I havent the foggiest

    1. AHH, it is indeed! Initially I thought it was some kind of musicalised abacus but then thought "nah, that'd just be silly".