Thursday 15 November 2012

#ThrowbackThursday - Snoop Dogg: Who Am I (What's My Name)

Snoop Lion, DJ Snoopadelic, Calvin Broadus – NO. He is and will forever be Snoop Dogg, and when someone asks you how you spell it you will reply “S-N-Double O-P-D-O-double G”.  That’s law.  Now whether or not you dispute his current rap ability you can’t deny Snoop’s status as hip-hop legend. He’s one of the genre’s most well known figures, and holds a level of respect that compliments his 20+ years in the game, Who Am I (What’s My Name) being one of his earliest hits. But anyways take your mind off your money and your money off your mind (see what I did there) and enjoy this week’s throwback tune from 1992, Who Am I by Snoop Doggy (who) Doggy (what) Doggy DOGG.

Who Am I (What's My Name)
Snoop Dogg
(check 3:42 for a high quality LOL)

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