Thursday 26 September 2013

#ThrowbackThursday - Joe: All The Things

What you know about old-school Joe though? I swear man this takes me back to them late after-school afternoons, back when I'd get a ting to come to the yard and well, you know. *WINK FACE*
I joke of course, young MrReesh was the type of n*gga who invites a girl over to watch a DVD and actually watch the DVD. Oh the wasted opportunities.

Dropping way back in January 1996, a year and 8 months before the release of the album the song was actually on, All The Things went on to be a Billboard Top 5 hit, and contributed to All That I Am (his second album) going platinum – a nice way to beat the so called “sophmore slump”. However what the song seems to be most famous for is its appearance in Don't Be A Menace, where it was used a somewhat funny if not slightly disgusting scene, which considering the song itself is somewhat funny in that we're all taking joy in the fact that Joe is destroying a couple's relationship for his own gain, is rather fitting. Anyway it's this week's #ThrowbackThursday selection, so you go ahead and enjoy it like a bag of baby puppies you wonderful people you!

And yes I know you can't really get baby puppies, don't be so literal.

All The Things
All That I Am

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