Thursday 7 March 2013

#ThrowbackThursday - Nelly: Hot In Herre

When you think about it, this song is actually about science - hear me out. When your body achieves a temperature that is uncomfortably high for it, its reaction (besides sweating) is to shed as many layers as possible. So when it gets hot in here, you should SCIENTIFICALLY take off your clothes. IT'S SCIENCE. Dropping way back in 2002, Nelly took the charts by storm with this incorrectly spelled Neptunes produced number, going on to win the first ever Best Solo Rap Performance Grammy in 2003. While Nelly these days has done an Usher of sorts (judging from his hyper-commercial new single) it doesn't distract from the fact that there was a time Nelly was the man, and picking one of the many great Nelly throwbacks for this week was no easy task. anyways I'll leave you guys to enjoy this week's throwback - Hot In Herre [Here] by Nelly.

Hot In Herre

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