Thursday 28 February 2013

#ThrowbackThursday - Funky Dee: Are You Gonna Bang Doe

I don’t know if you guys know, but a doe is a female deer. So I was really confused as to why Funky Dee was so concerned about whether people were having intimate relations with girl deer, but hey 92% of the time I heard this song I was sippin that ‘trone and livin’ that life so whatever. Though technically quite a recent “throwback” it is part of the (sadly) dead Funky House movement, and so worth bringing back to life for this week. Dropping in 2010 (though I swear I heard it in 2009), the tune set clubs almost literally on fire, being one of the club essentials of the time. Now for a song in which “bang” is said 85 times in the full version and 71 in the video, that’s not bad. So anyways time to dust off the skanks for this week’s throwback, Are You Gonna Bang Doe by Funky Dee.

Are You Gonna Bang Doe
Funky Dee
2010 (earliest video I could find, but I swear it was out in 2009)
Fun Fact: Funky Dee still makes music. He currently is having beef with another "rapper" named Sox, and you can see the video where Funky sends for Sox here.

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