Thursday 24 January 2013

#ThrowbackThursday - Lethal Bizzle: Pow

To this day this song gets me GAAASSED you know! It's the bit when Nappa goes - "AHHHHH CRACK YOUR SKULL!" I know he says "I'LL" but it's just so much more fun to scream AHHHHHH. Pow, one of the hypest hype songs of all hypedom dropped in 2004, the same year the European Union accepted an additional 10 members into its ranks - coincidence? I think not. The song became easily one of if not the most successful Lethal B songs to date, and arguably allowed such phenomenons such as DENCH and LEAVE IT YEAH to eventually come to fruition. But anyway before someone brings arms out to my mum's house for talking too long (see what I did there) (because that's a line in the song and I used it in the post so I'm kinda funny) allow me to present to you POW (2004), this week's throwback.

Pow (Forward)
Lethal Bizzle ft. a lot of other people

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