Monday 26 November 2012

#MixtapeMonday - Leanne Robinson: Exhibit A

Lyrics: 4.4/ 5.0 - Production: 4.1/5.0 - Overall Score: 4.3/5.0

Review by Reesh - Get at me on Twitter - @MrReesh

Yeah I’m not a big fan of X-Factor. I’ve been immensely confused by the choices of certain judges I shall not name *COUGH* LOUIS VINCENT WALSH *COUGH* and these days I see the show as more of a Jersey Shore kind of “reality” TV show than a reality TV show in the usual sense. But nevertheless some very talented people come through that show, one of them being Leanne Robinson.

Or perhaps I'm paraphrasing
It was at the judges’ houses that it happened. As sunlight danced over the tips of the St. Lucian Pitons, Tulisa – LEAVE IT – looked Ms Robinson in the eyes and uttered these exact words: “nah, the ting juss a nah gwan”, or perhaps I’m paraphrasing. But Leanne, and her small yet immensely powerful voice never gave up the dream, and rightly so. Now the East London beaut is making her move for the top, with Exhibit A being a highly adequate wind beneath her wings.

Vocals are wow. I know wow isn’t quite an adjective, but is this is my article so I’m gonna use it as one. With a cashmere falsetto, voluptuous vibrato, and amazing vocal strength her voice is simply a pleasure to listen to at all times within Exhibit A, a five song teaser which entices a lust for more. Lyrically she also impresses, with solid songwriting free of cheesy lines or cringe moments. Even her delivery is on point, with her remix of Destiny’s Child’s Independent Women Part 1 and Drake’s Miss Me being particularly delightful, especially as Miss Me was one of those songs I really glossed over on Thank Me Later. But that’s one of the things you really love about Leanne – she loves to sing, she does it with immense passion and she uses that passion to create an excitement and unique feel which you simply can’t ignore.

Looking at the blueprint, you can see my name does indeed start with "R"
Every song on the mixtape is enjoyable, though admittedly some more than others.  The amazing Drake vs Destiny’s Child Medley is definitely one of my favourites, while Taking It Back is a catchy, upbeat number which oozes an air of victory and triumph. Additionally in the melancholy love song Last Love she, for lack of a better phrase, goes INSIDE, showing off a vocal pizzazz which eclipses her mere 22 years of age. Plus she sings a very epic “are” towards the end which sounds like “R” which is the start of my name and so made me feel very special. However for me Runaway and Barriers lacked the same level of energy and emotion the other songs contained and so didn’t grab me in the same way, despite their good elements.

In regards to production there’s nothing really noteworthy either, with most songs having a simple acoustic and drum backing with the exception of Barriers’ encompassing, warming synths. But while there’s nothing that you can really get up and ‘shek ya batty’ to, the mixtape isn’t designed for that. It’s easy listening you can sing along to, whether that be in the shower, the car, or while looking into the sky while wondering if that planet made of Krispy Kremes actually exists. Yes I brought that back, I know I’m not the only one that thinks it does damn it.

In the trial of Leanne Robinson’s musical career, I Judge Reesh examining Exhibit A look forward to hearing Exhibit B, and give a ruling of guilty on five counts of producing quality music – see what I did there, “trial”, “judge”, “Exhibit B”, hah I knew I’d get a decent joke for the blog by watching reruns of Suits. Do yourself a favour guys and guyesses, stop wondering what the hell it is that Harvey and Donna do with that can opener for a minute and download this wonderful mixtape here.
In case you missed that, I said you can download it here.
Right here.
Yup here.

My top 3:
1) Drake vs Destiny's Child Medley
2) Last Love
3) Taking It Back

Leanne on Twitter: @LeanneRMusic

You can also download the mixtape via the soundcloud player below, but note that this is LinkupTV's Soundcloud - Leanne’s actual Soundcloud is here.

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